Dr Bhaben Choudhury, an eminent ENT specialist and researcher on tobacco and health problems, has said that during the past 20 years, numerous epidemiological, clinical, pathological and experimental studies have shown that tobacco is related to disability diseases, leading to various health problems.

There are immediate and long-term needs for tobacco control capacity development in India. In the short term, the development of in-person and virtual training programmes aimed at increasing the number of people educating the population about tobacco offers a critical and cost-effective approach to expanding the knowledge-base regarding tobacco.

Ludhiana: The city hospitals observed World Hepatitis Awareness Day today in order to educate people about liver diseases.

Dr Nirmaljeet Singh Malhi (liver specialist) at Deep Hospital, Ludhiana, organised a free hepatitis B and C screening camp today.

As schools shut down because of the flu

Health officials at the health care desk set up at different entry points of the country including land port, airport and seaport are stated to have been neglecting their duties in screening the incoming passengers properly

The recession has drained hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of workers from the state and local health departments that are now the front line in the country

Siliguri, March 31: The German Leprosy and TB Relief Association (GLRA) India has chosen eight NGOs in Darjeeling to work in a public-private mix (PPM) project with the state health department to eradicate tuberculosis.

The GLRA, based in Germany, is an NGO working globally for the prevention of tuberculosis and leprosy.


NGOs launched a unique nationwide campaign to coincide with the World TB Day to bring accountability to the political leadership of the country on the issue.

LUCKNOW: Several thick government files with yellowed pages are piled up high inside the tuberculosis cell of the state health department giving it the `normal'look of any government office. But the environment hasn't dampened the thinking process of the people working in this cell.