The media and the government keep mum on pollution cancer linkages and the abysmal medical help available in India against the menace

The World Bank will

...activists must fight for better prevention and health education

Vienna recently played host to delegates from 49 states who had gathered for a UN-sponsored conference to review a 1990 treaty on conventional weapons. The special focus of the conference, which

The government clears a new policy to monitor epidemics and reduce disaster impacts

Prompted by a financial crunch, the ministry of health is considering raising fees in medical colleges to recover costs

MCI is the body that is supposed to monitor and enforce standards of medical education in both the private and state sector. mci, a statutory body under the mohfw , was established under the provisions of the Indian Medical Council (imc) Act, 1933.

Whatever the disagreements about the respective roles of the public and private sector in providing medical education, it is clear that the way the system works at present does not help address the health care needs of the majority of the people. This point is important: blaming individual doctors for not performing social service is pointless.