A Rajasthan village entrusts anti malaria campaign to children; they do remarkable work

Is the answer to the AIDS problem in migrants

After visiting hospitals and slums VIBHA VARSHNEY has found that asthma makes poor children suffer far more than their rich counterparts. And a complete lack of policy, or official action, compounds their affliction

As palliative for AIDS

Toeing the US line appears to be an essential prerequisite for receiving aid from it. The Reproductive Health for Refugees Consortium for aids prevention programmes in Africa has learnt this the hard way

The paanwallah doubling up as a condom vendor ad has been taken off the air. Instead, Doordarshan will show a village council member warning women about aids and exhorting them to be faithful. The shift in focus heralds a drastic change in India s

• The river linking panel headed by Suresh Prabhu recently formed a "communication core group for mass awareness' for the purpose of

It is only now that the state is being put on the cancer map of India. Ironically, even the late inclusion has been necessitated by an Indian Council of Medical Research - WHO project to develop a cancer atlas of the country

What do Sushma Swaraj and George W Bush have in common? A mutual contempt of condoms, for one. The us president is known to prefer spreading the word about abstinence over safe sex. Sushma Swaraj too favours this mode

David Miller is an expert in psychosocial management of hiv/aids. He has worked in developing countries since 1986 and is currently the Country Programme Adviser of