The Madhya Pradesh State AIDS Control Committee organised a two-day workshop for representatives of Industry Department on the prevention of AIDS.

The workshop was divided into seven segments. Committee's consultant Suneela Sharma made a presentation on AIDS prevention and taking care of AIDS patients and detailed discussions were held on it with the participants.

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BHUBANESWAR: The State Government today signed an MoU with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) for establishment of an Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH) in Orissa.

The monthlong Maharashtra leg of the Red Ribbon Express, which was flagged off from Delhi last year, will begin on Monday with the train painted yellow and red chugging into Amalner station in Jalgaon.

New Delhi: In a bid to instil civic sense in Delhiites and make Delhi cleaner ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2010, the MCD is going to launch a campaign from Tuesday to raise awareness against spitting, urinating and littering in public places.

The HIV/AIDS situation in Assam presents a mixed picture, with better monitoring and care in place, but awareness continuing to be low in most parts of the State. There remains little scope for complacency in such a context.

As the number of swine flu cases escalate in the national Capital, the Delhi government plans to spread more awareness about the H1N1 virus with a slew of ads in newspapers in the coming week.

An Act to provide for the constitution of the National Council for Human Resources in Health for prescribing standards with a view to the proper planning and co-ordinated development of medical and allied health education throughout the country, the promotion of qualitative improvement of such education in relation to planned quantitative growth, the maintenance of a national live electronic regis

Notwithstanding the sustained campaigns launched by the Government to create awareness about AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome), the number of AIDS cases is on rise in Himachal Pradesh. At present there were 3,530 HIV positive cases (detected till March 2009) of which 608 were full blown AIDS cases.

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