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Scientists are embroiled in a controversy on whether electromagnetic fields generated by power lines and household electrical devices can cause cancer

Films on successful technological projects and innovative government schemes have failed simply because there has been no effort to show them to target groups

MALE HOMOSEXUALITY seems to run in the family and the trait is passed on by the mother, according to US researchers. Dean Hamer and his colleagues at the US National Cancer Institute interviewed

SLOW AND steady wins the race, goes the moral of one of the most popular of Aesop's fables in which an arrogant hare loses a race to a persevering tortoise. But, two US brain researchers say if the

DRUG ADDICTION is not a modern age phenomenon for it seems even the ancients knew the pleasures of junkyism, claim scientists (The Lancet, Vol 341, No 8843). Franz Parsche and his colleagues at

Tissue taken from aborted foetuses and implanted into the bodies of patients suffering from several incurable diseases has shown encouraging results

Scientists have hit on a gene that decides exactly where internal organs will be positioned in the body of a mouse

Despite the brouhaha for and against mining in Rajasthan, neither side supports its arguments with scientific evidence. An environmental impact assessment of Bijolia mining district by former Geological Survey of India director M L Jhanwar and N K Mahala

The town of Makrana disproves the contention that development will automatically result from mining activity

The proposed revision of the coal ministry's rehabilitation package may have raised the hopes of people displaced by coal mining projects, only to shatter them again. Given the reluctance of the