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tce is a nonflammable, colourless liquid. It is mainly used to remove grease from metal parts. Worldwide almost 80 90 per cent of this chemical is used to degrease metals

Uranium rich Meghalaya tells mining PSU

On the eve of his retirement on June 29, director general of forests M K Sharma announced that the Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) was going to let private parties breed and harvest

Males will not become extinct

smokescreen: Two persons were charred to death and 25 injured in a major fire at pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy's factory in Mohali, Punjab, on June 11. The blaze was preceded by blasts at the

Hair pollution hits Karnataka

Panel set up to study MSPs

The US pollution laws surpass all limits of hypocrisy

The sight of environment-friendly electric trams trundling along Kolkata's chaotic roads could soon be a thing of the past. The West Bengal government and Kolkata Municipal Corpo

No body knows for sure how the ragi bandwagon started, but all of a sudden the urban elite became curious about the grain. Today, it is being minutely scrutinised by a few truth seekers while eateries make a beeline for its cuisine