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The current method of environmental regulation has failed to monitor industrial pollution in India. It is not just ineffective but expensive too. Some countries are using alternative approaches but with mixed results

An ecofriendly way of treating polluted wastewater holds promise for rural India

Bharatiya Cattle Resource Develop

a report by the Wildlife Trust of India ( wti ) and the International Fund

Pollution killing atmosphere s self cleansing mechanism

Grants have been approved to facilitate the use of fuel cell buses in the developing

Is the new Indian anti cancer drug any good?

Unilever shuts down its mercury concentration camp in Kodaikanal

A US boutique is fined for selling shahtoosh shawls. In India, the government plans to ban its sale

The Andhra Pradesh government will not be able to encroach upon the Hussain Sagar lake following a judgement of the state high court. The proposed encroachment was for implementing a Rs 1,400-crore