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Both government and voluntary agencies are helping to spread biogas technology, which can provide clean fuel and enriched manure as well as improve sanitation standards.

AS WOMEN in Rajasthan insist on being treated by only another woman, Jagaran is making an effort to recruit women as gunis. One much sought after woman herbalist is 42-year-old Laxmi Bai of Gamana

WHENEVER a dictionary of green terms is written, even if it is in English, it will contain at least one Hindi word. And that word is Chipko. The idea that people are prepared to hug trees to save

Scientists are relying on the emperor penguins to find out the state of sea resources in the inhospitable Antarctic region.

How misfortune befell a woman, once hailed as a conqueror, and a village that tried to protect its forests.

Though women were the primary participants in Chipko, men and children were also involved in the movement at various levels.

The Parvatiya Van Bachao Andolan aims at protecting Kumaon forests from all tree fellers not just those from outside.

A section of India's farmers emphatically supported the Dunkel Draft, saying it contains just what they have been demanding for years.

India was the first country in the world to make environmental audits mandatory, hoping it would encourage industry to shift from pollution control to process efficiency

The manner in which marijuana and heroin affect the brain can provide useful clues to developing more effective painkillers.