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Researchers are taking the dirt out of plastic

Soil testing can help farmers decide on the right mix of fertilisers and maximise benefits

So, were dinosaurs warm blooded or not?

A tip from nature brings better insulation for industries

A group of leading agricultural scientists in the country has called for the patenting of plant and animal biodiversity to be emphasised in order to ensure the introduction of an effective germplasm

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Washington's Wind River Experimental Forest will soon have an unusual inhabitant: a 90-metre-high steel-and-concrete monster. In a $1-million project, a giant crane will help scientists study life

Indian fisherfolk are up in arms against the foreign trawlers that have been permitted to fish in India's coastal waters by the Indian government. The leaders of fisherfolk associations from 9

Scientists trying to accurately forecast droughts in Zimbabwe have found that the country's maize production is more dependent on El Nino -- a warm water current that occurs in the Pacific Ocean and

West Bengal's department of environment and forests has decided to use fly ash generated by thermal power plants and industrial boilers using coal as soil conditioners, and convert old ash ponds into