April 22: The Met department has sounded a heatwave alert in the city and many parts of the state after temperatures reached 5

The "long-range" forecast of another normal monsoon has little practical utility as it cannot be used to plan for agriculture or water reserves

Business Standard / New Delhi April 21, 2009, 0:49 IST

Thiruvananthapuram: India Meteorological Department


New Delhi: The Met department on Friday forecast another year of near normal monsoon for the country, predicting 96 per cent rains over the four-month period of June-September. The forecast is likely to bring cheer to farmers as well as the industry as good rainfall is extremely crucial in agriculture dependent India to boost growth in a slowing economy.

P. Sunderrajan

NEW DELHI: The India Meteorological Department on Friday forecast that rainfall during the coming southwest monsoon season would be near normal, at 96 per cent of the long period average (LPA).

The annual monsoon, crucial to the country

Ahmedabad : The second heat wave of the season is blowing over the state taking citizens in its grip. Even as the sun blazed with full fury on Monday, weather officials have warned that heat wave conditions are likely to persist on Tuesday and Wednesday as well and citizens should prepare themselves.

Long-term data on hourly wind speed from 70 meteorological centres of India Meteorological Department have been collected. The daily gust wind data have been processed for annual maximum wind speed (in kmph) for each site. Using the Gumbel probability paper approach the extreme value quantiles have been derived.

AHMEDABAD : Mercury levels in the city have shot up with temperatures going two degrees above normal. Weatherman warns that there may be more dust storms this week. The last such storm hit the city in March and claimed 52 trees.