Predicted or confronting you out of the blues, bad weather can give anybody the jitters, especially when each of your business moves, right from the stage of planning to that of execution, will have to be weighed against the vagaries of weather and climatic changes. Not surprisingly, demand for intelligent, location specific weather data and reports has been on the rise.

Earthquake study centres to be linked for integrated analysis THE Chinese claim to predict earthquakes by observing animal behaviour and phenomenon such as sudden disappearance of water from lakes and wells. Scientists around the world have tried to do the same by studying parameters like changes in seismic activity and electromagnetic radiations and checking water bodies for increase in

During 2010 Games, Real Time Data Will Help Improve Air Quality

Guwahati: Elaborate preparations are on for a 'divine marriage', believed to be the only solution to the unprecedented drought being faced by Assam, complete with a priest, shamianas, big feast and drums.


Not a freak weather condition: met department The winter this year has been warm. Unusual weather

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NEW DELHI: Even as winter is on its way out, the India Meteorological Department came out with a report on Wednesday revealing that this past month was a month of record-breaking warmth in several parts of the country, including the two popular hill stations of Shimla and Mukteswar in North India.

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: What does global warming portend for the monsoon that sweeps over India during the four-month period from June to September sustaining life in the subcontinent?

Discouraging signals have already started becoming visible, according to the former Director of India Meteorological Department (IMD) P.V. Joseph.