Much to the Andhra Pradesh government's dismay, the National Environmental Appellate Authority has quashed the environmental clearance for the state's multi-crore Indira Sagar Project, formerly known

It is now clear after two eventful decades that the crucial aspect of the tussle over the dams on the Narmada, particularly the Indira Sagar Project, is the neglect of resettlement and rehabilitati

The Government of Madhya Pradesh was initially supposed to undertake the process of land acquisition for the families displaced by the Indira Sagar Project (ISP), but it handed over the responsibil

Is the Rs 13,500 crore Indirasagar dam another Narmada in the making? Despite protests, the project is on.

Decision to start work on Indira Sagar dam opposed

Pilgrims die as Indira Sagar releases water

Another monsoon, and the level of fear and tension rises in Harsud and other towns affected by the Sardar Sarovar project.

Incessant rains and the resultant stagnant water in canals and fields have spawned a malaria epidemic in the western part of the state

WATER is for flowing. When made to stagnate, it buzzes deafeningly of a culture of deliberate ignorance. Look at the misfortune of the people of picturesque western Rajasthan, today also the malaria country. Thirsty desert dwellers will probably never pra

A unique experiment to involve the people in bringing water to desert communities is under way in Rajasthan.