Tirupur, the textile knitwear hub of India discharges about 100 MLD of dyestuff effluents with high salt content and multi colored effluents from as early as 1990s. It flanks and pollutes the Noyyal river course rendering it as a virtual effluent course as rainfall is hardly for 15 days only in a year.

Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) Chairman K S Pannu in a press statement on Sunday claimed that following the stringent directions by the board that came with warnings of strict action in case

A laboratory scale hybrid-UASB reactor was used for the treatment of sugar industry waste water fabricated from acrylic pipe of 100 mm external diameter and 90 mm internal diameter.

Raids conducted by the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) on 68 electroplating industries in Jalandhar and Ludhiana have found 42 of them flouting norms that make it mandatory for industries to

CAG says Coal India also lagging in corporate social responsibility and effluent treatment

Treatment of Karnaphuli Paper Mills effluent was carried out by coagulation precipitation method.

Following the commissioning of Tertiary treatment plant at IOCL, Haldia, Doshion Limited has changed the outlook of the petrochem industry towards waste water management. One of its kind in the world, this plant recycles waste water to feed high pressure boiler thus nullifying the myth that waste can't be as good as fresh. Doshion Veolia executed terminal tertiary treatment plant using DMF, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and mixed bed deionization.

The design proposed two parallel 1000 m3/day effluent treatment schemes to mitigate fluoride level and reduce sulphates and hardness.

Two sewage treatment plants have been installed at the plant and at the Urjanagar residential colony respectively.

At AstraZeneca we are proactively addressing the problem of pharmaceuticals entering the environment as a result of our
manufacturing discharges (Nature 476, 265; 2011). (Correspondence)