At AstraZeneca we are proactively addressing the problem of pharmaceuticals entering the environment as a result of our
manufacturing discharges (Nature 476, 265; 2011). (Correspondence)

At least 35 persons fell ill, after they came in contact of chlorine gas that leaked from the closed BHEL’s water treatment plant situated right in front of the State Assembly building on Monday ni

Discharges from pharmaceutical factories contaminate rivers on three continents.

Question asked by Nnarahari Mahato and Nripendra Nath Roy on Installation of pollution control equipment by sugar mills and industry. (Question asked in the Monsoon session of LS 2011)
















The aerobic pollution load (COD and BOD) removal of spent sulphite liquor using activated porous spherical charcoal prepared from neem oil cake both as an adsorbent and fluidizing particle was studied in a fluidized-bed reactor.

The objective of this study was to investigate the removal of reactive orange 16 (RO16) dye from synthetic wastewater by the adsorption on cocoa (Theobrama cacao) shell activated carbon (CSAC).

Contamination of aquatic resources by a variety of heavy metals is of growing concern because of health risk posed by the exposure to flora and fauna as well as human being. The vast majority of toxic metals are the waste products/by products of industrial and metallurgical processes. Other possible sources include the effluent from electroplating, storage battery manufacturing industries, tanneries, municipal sludges, extractive metallurgy processes, and metal finishing operations contains high amount of dissolved metals and the concentration reaches to a significant range.

A spiral wound membrane is a unique configuration that provides excellent structural integrity. The design is completely rigid, and no stress is placed on the membrane surface.

Company will spend . 400 crore on capital expenditure in FY12
Thermax is scouting overseas to buy a company worth up to $100 million in industrial waste water treatment space, said Managing Director MS Unnikrishnan. "Our target market for water treatment projects in India is worth . 4,000-4,500 crore. Within this, the industrial waste water market would be worth around . 1,500 crore.

Workers at a quake-hit nuclear plant in Japan on Tuesday began removing highly radioactive water from a reactor turbine building, a key step towards restoring cooling systems, the government said.

The magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami that hit the northeast coast of Japan on March 11 knocked out power systems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, causing cooling systems to fail and triggering a seri