The agriculture ministry will ask the Indian arm of Swiss agrochemical giant Syngenta to stop import and marketing of its flagship insecticide Emamectin Benzoate in India soon.

The Supreme Court has permitted exports of 1,090 mt of unsold stock of endosulfan lying with Indian companies, under strict supervision of the customs department and environment ministry. A Bench headed by Chief Justice S H Kapadia, while retaining its earlier order banning the use and production of the pesticide, said exports of the above quantity of the pesticide may be permitted to those countries from whom orders have been received by manufacturers.

Supreme Court order dated 30/09/2011 in Endosulfan - W.P.(C) NO.213/2011 Democratic Youth Federation Youth Federation of India vs Union of India & Ors.

'The industry has no experience of disposing pesticides and the Ministry of Environment and Forest have not provided any definite procedure for the purpose'- This was the reply of the Supreme Court appointed joint committee on endosulfan.

The crop protection industry has joined hands with Crop Life India, an association of technology-driven agriculture companies, to form an Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force in a bid to check the rampan

Plant protection is very important for crop production and for sustainable
agriculture. Plant protection activities encompass plant quarantine, regulation of pesticides, minimizing crop loss due to pests including locust control in desert areas
and training and capacity building for plant protection.

Ankita Rai

Standing Committee on Agriculture, present this Forty Sixth Report on

A report of analysis of pesticide residues in soft drinks conducted by Centre for Science and Environment(CSE), was made public on 5th August, 2003. This Report was covered very prominently by both electronic and print media. In the Report it was stated that CSE found pesticide residues, in the samples of 12 soft drinks brands procured by it from open market in Delhi.

The Insecticides Rules of 1971 stipulates that before aerial spraying is undertaken, all waterbodies should be covered. After people began protesting, the Plantation Corporation of Kerala (PCK)