Biotoilets fail to save Dal lake from pollution due to official apathy

Trespassers moved: The glory of Dal lake is being revived. Thirteen hotels situated in the lake area are being shifted to Humhama near

Kashmir's scenic beauty is going up in smoke, courtesy exhaust fumes from vehicles

funds meant to depollute the Dal lake may have been embezzled. Rajinder Tickoo, Jammu and Kashmir vigilance commissioner, has alleged that out of the Rs 88-crore grant released to the state

Drought like spell in J&K spells doom for saffron farmers

Dying paddy crops leave Kashmir valley farmers high and dry. The state government chips in late to combat the crisis

They are not concerned about the troubles in the valley. Their main concern is to save Dal lake from death

The Save Dal Lake project is embroiled in a multi crore scam

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