IN THE face of mounting public criticism of the Union ministry of environment and forests' draft Forest Bill, environment minister Kamal Nath's quick sidestep to dismiss the document as a "non-paper"

IT WAS nearly a decade ago that the government of India had tried to revise the Indian Forest Act of 1927, a British legacy that brought immense misery to forest-dwellers and has been unable to save

It is increasingly evident that without the commitment and cooperation of forest-dependent communities, the forests of India will remain in jeopardy. A conerted effort must now be made to regenerate forest ecosystems.

IN THE context of the forest department's increasing sensitivity to participatory programmes such as joint forest management, the "anti-people" stance of the article by a senior forester like A N

With an increasing number of joint forest management projects being implemented, it is vital that forest departments become more gender sensitive. Unfortunately, there is a curious dearth of women field staff in the country's forests.

This report by National Committee on Forest Rights Act (FRA) submitted by N C Saxena to Shri Kantilal Bhuria, Union Minister of tribal affairs says that with notable exceptions, the implementation of FRA has been poor & includes recommendations for implementing it effectively.

27 Nov 2010

One of the eight Missions under India's National Action Plan on Climate Change, the revised National Mission for a Green India (GIM for short) professes responding to climate change by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures, which would help:

it was an exercise in futility. The recent two-day workshop of state forest ministers and officials on people's participation in forest management failed to serve its purpose. While the meeting

A proposal to regularise encroachments in forests creates a flutter

Taking a decisive step against