As a part of measures to ensure the environment free from pollution and to provide green coverage, Forest Minister K.T.Pachaimal has launched a new scheme — planting of saplings on both sides of road throughout Kanyakumari district on Sunday.

The scheme, to be implemented by the Departments of Highways and Forest, was launched at Aralvoimozhi-Chenbagaramanputhur highway for balancing the global warming and to provide green cover in the district. Under the programme on both sides of national and State highways, one lakh saplings would be planted in the district.

Westerly winds have started blowing in the district

With the setting of the much awaited westerly winds, sweltering heat and power cuts have almost vanished to a great extent in Tirunelveli and the neighbouring Kanyakumari district. The giant metallic turbine blades of nearly 3,000 windmills of Muppandal have started rotating to generate clean and green energy to effectively bridge the gap between demand and supply.

Pazhayar, the lifeline of Kanyakumari district, has lost its pristine glory owing to renovation work not having been carried out in the river for the past several years. The river is polluted and encroached, and the check-dams along with sluices are damaged in many parts owing to negligence by the authorities concerned.

The early Kings of Venad were conscious of the potential of Pazhayar which originates from the forested area of Surulacode, carries small streams from Mahendragiri peak and flows through Thovalai and Agastheeswaram taluks.

There is not enough reserve water inside the Koodankulam nuclear power plants complex for cooling the reactor cores and the spent fuel pools.

Police use force to disperse them.

CHENNAI: The anti-nuclear protest that has stalled the commissioning of the multi-crore nuclear plant at Kudankulam entered the 100th day on Thursday.

Wetlands are important bird habitats and are also used by local people for their livelihoods. Study was undertaken to assess the status of the wetland birds in the selected wetlands by using total count method during January-March 2006. Forty two major wetlands were surveyed in four districts of Tamil Nadu namely Kanyakumari, Cuddalore and Nagapattinam.

Will the protests against the Koodankulam project force the government to pause and rethink its nuclear power plans? (Editorial)

Urbanisation was the most significant between 1991 and 2001: data

Nearly half the population of Tamil Nadu live in urban areas, as the State continues to maintain its status as one of the country's most urbanised ones.

Physico-chemical characteristics of Rajakkamangalam estuary situated in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu and its sediment samples were collected in 4 sampling stations in 2001.