Kohima: The Konyak Union (KU) will enforce a ban on coalmine extraction in Mon district till a systematic and safe method of extraction is practiced by the Department of Geology and Mining of the G

Difficult terrain and lack of essential supplies including water, electricity, and communication have virtually derailed the National Rural Health Mission in most parts of Nagaland. Despite this, the infant and maternal mortality rates are low, thanks to the strong community bonding.

Though the State government has made serious efforts to create infrastructure under the Centrally-sponsored National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), access to these facilities is difficult owing to non-existent or bad roads, undependable communication system and acute shortage of water and power supply.

The shifting cultivation in Nagaland state is described as an agricultural system where a farming community slashes secondary forests on a predetermined location, burns the slash and cultivates the land for a limited number of years. The land is then left fallow and the farming community moves to the next location to repeat the process till they return back to the starting point.