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After the release of the first draft of Delhi's Masterplan 2021, the elected representatives in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi are now looking at extending the possibility of mixed land use

he reported demands made by MLAs of the Delhi Assembly to extend the Lal Dora line in Delhi's rural villages comes at a very opportune time

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh will launch the second phase of land distribution programme among the landless in the State. The State Government has identified 1.68 lakh acres of land all over the

Muthanga has reduced itself to a bunch of litigations. The waves of enthusiasm generated by the Janu-led agitation before the Secretariat and the ray of hope that emerged on account of the agreement

The West Bengal Chief Minister, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, today highlighted the problems plaguing the rural economy and emphasised the need to implement land reform programmes to improve the plight

The Government had recently made an effort to distribute land to Dalits in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh. However, this has not brought an end to their woes. They now face a new battle against rich

The Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti (PSS) has questioned the rationale behind the ambitious Rs 54,000 crore Kalpasar project, in Ahmedabad, which involves the construction of a barrage across the Gulf of

To enhance availability of natural gas, the government has paced import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on open general license and Petronet LNG will be setting up a 5 mt LNG terminal at Dahej by

Defending the Karnataka State's decision to release water to Sholapur in Maharashtra, Agriculture Produce Marketing Cooperatives (APMC) Minister B.S. Patil Sasanur said releasing water through the

Can a river flow in the reverse direction all of a sudden? The mighty Krishna river, the lifeline of North Karnataka, has now started flowing from a lower riparian state, Karnataka, to the upper