French transport minister Dominique Bussecreau, who is currently visiting Delhi, today called on the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit at her office at Delhi Secretariat here. Dominique said that France was keen to have technical co-operation and collaborations in various fields with the government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The government has embarked upon a light rail transit (LRT) system and monorail project. Three corridors of the LRT and monorail transit system in various parts of the city have been planned, and might be run on publicprivate partnership basis. Addressing reporters, transport minister Haroon Yusuf said that for the LRT, three corridors -MehrauliBadarpur, Meh-rauli-Dwarka and Meh-rauli-Central Secretariat -have been planned that will be 11.5 km, 17.5 km and three km in length with 10, 12 and 16 stations respectively.

With a clear aim to give a fillip to the Capital's public transport system before the Commonwealth Games, the government has given the largest allocation of funds to the transport sector.

Transit planning in the United States has tended toward viewing BRT as an analogue to light rail transit, with similar operating patterns. This model, referred to as "Light Rail Lite,' is compared to international best practices, which have often favored the development of a grade-separated bus infrastructure ("Quickways') that in turn supports a varied mix of all-stops, express, and branching services. This model, dubbed the Quickway model, evolved out of the practical necessity of cities to meet ambitious ridership or mode split targets.

While several cities across the world have revived their tramways, Kolkata naively ignored its tramways and witnesses the last days of this non-polluting and once-efficient mode of transport. Read this special report in Down To Earth.

Kolkata witnesses the last days of a non-polluting and once-efficient mode of transport, while trams make a comeback in cities around the world.