The C Rangarajan committee to review prices of petroleum products says that the government should increase the price of liquefied petroleum gas lpg

The use of clean fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) instead of biomass-based fuels used for cooking in India would be beneficial in several ways. However, only about 33.6 million or 17.5% of all Indian homes use LPG as their primary cooking fuel, with 90% of rural homes still dependent on some form of biomass.

lpg is possibly the most viable of all cooking fuels today, but even a debate on the issue is meaningless unless there are vigorous government efforts to promote healthy fuels

Call it paranoia or plain silliness. But it is amazing. The Centre for Science and Environment cse has been studying gas pricing in the country to assess how environmentally acceptable fuels can be

Despite being clean, alternative fuels fail to become the first choice

Rules are in place for vehicles to run on liquefied petroleum gas but key technology issues remain unresolved

Strikes and protests greet the Nepal government s decision to ban polluting vehicles

LPG is a long way from being used as a fuel in automobiles