Karonga — Karonga District Council and other stakeholders working in health sector are in dilemma over the fast spreading of a cholera outbreak in the district where two people have died with a tot

Farmers often use fire to clear agricultural fields, but the practice adds to air pollution. Here, a man tends a fire in a Louisiana field. Credit: Chloe Gao

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are among the 15 countries accounting for about 80 per cent of malaria deaths globally in 2016, says the World Malaria Report 2017.

The mosquito-borne viral disease usually dips at this time of the year

The 2016 Liberia Malaria Indicator Survey (LMIS) report released yesterday by the Ministry of Health (MOH) has revealed that the infection rate still remains high despite progress being made by the

LONDON (Reuters) - The largest genetic study of mosquitoes has found their ability to resist insecticides is evolving rapidly and spreading across Africa, putting millions of people at higher risk

More than 445,000 people were killed by malaria in 2016, and a shortage of funds has resulted in the fight against the disease stalling, according to a World Health Organization report.

Many countries are moving toward eliminating malaria, among them Madagascar, Senegal and Zimbabwe.

JOHANNESBURG – The World Health Organization (WHO) says one in 10 drugs sold in developing countries is fake or substandard leading to tens of thousands of deaths.

Approximately 10.5% of medicines in low and middle income countries including India are sub-standard and falsified, said WHO in this report.