Oil exploration may lead to extinction of deep water coral in the Atlantic

ANCIENT coral reefs containing rich bio-diversity in the north Atlantic are being threatened due to deep sea drilling by oil companies. Marine scientists are concerned that the oil industry is

the unique biological heritage of the Galapagos islands would soon disappear if illegal fishing continues in their waters. Commercial fishing fleets from mainland Ecuador, the us and the Far East

the picturesque islands of Mentawai along the southern coast of Sumatra may be a tourist's delight, but the coral reefs surrounding them tell a story

...by encouraging local participation of fisherfolk to arrest overfishing and damage to the eco system

Five African nations join hands to protect a marine system in the Gulf of Guinea

In a bid to

After having forced into extinction many different species of animals, human beings have most recently focused their greed on fishes in the deep seas. Being sweet, tender and easy to cook, the deep sea fishes have attracted the attention of many a chef

Aboriginal communities in Australia are elated over a new ruling by the Australian High Court: on March 16, the Court declared the federal government's Native Title Act, passed in late 1993, valid.

A proposed oil plant threatens to maim and stunt Odessa's marine environment