Sri Lanka's Kandy lake is

Plastic waste is threatening ocean biodiversity

Dynamite fishing

Proposed norms on effluent discharge into Narmada tributary questioned

greens are seeing red at the proposed plan of Israel to dump treated factory wastewater into the Mediterranean Sea. For many years now, industrial effluents have been finding their way into the

Salmons from two rivers are reducing in size due to lack of food

After a 1995 oil tanker spill at the mouth of Tasmania's Tamar river poisoned a colony of little penguins, the Tasmanian Conservation Trust swore the birds would never again be defenceless. It has

The recent ban on shark hunting is only a partial victory for the conservationists. To make it a success, better networking between the coastal authorities and fisherfolk is essential. Biswajit Mohanty , president of Wildl

A collision bet

Ram Naik passes a death sentence for Dahanu s fragile ecology