Global warming is responsible for coral bleaching, say experts. And if climate change goes unchecked death of corals could mean the death knell for many marine species

Will corals that have survived Nature s occasional acts of destruction through the centuries survive 50 years of human pressure?

The zooplankton community of the salt pans of Bhayandar and Thane was studied based on the contribution of microzooplankton and meso-macrozooplankton. Population of microzooplankton was about 4 times more in Bhayandar as compared to Thane salt pan.

Seas around the Antarctic are losing krill a crucial part of the marine and terrestrial food chain

Unprecedented depletion of corals threatens marine ecosystems in the tropics

israel , Jordan and Palestine have reached a consensus to protect the Dead Sea basin. In the last 50 years, the level of the Dead Sea has gone down by nearly 40 metres. According to Ayman Rabi,

The United Nations Development Programme has planned to provide a grant of US $280,000

Commercial fishermen are now harvesting food fishes, severely affecting the marine food web

Phytoplankton are wrecking marine ecology as scientists struggle to find a way to stop further attacks

Ecological imbalance in the coastal areas of Kerala has caused food poisoning in people who consumed marine mussel