Will people gain from project to find beneficial microbes?

In a novel approach to marine protection, a private company handed over 4,653 hectares along the bottom of the Great South Bay to an environmental organisation. The deal

Birds under threat from illegal dumping of bilge on Canadian coast

A new enemy may be threatening Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A condition scientists are calling white syndrome was found on 33 of 48 reefs surveyed in the national marine park, said Australian

If sea levels continue to rise at the present rate due to global warming, coastal areas such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa would be flooded or even submerged in the near future. Preliminary

An environmental data centre will soon come up in the United Arab Emirates (uae). The centre will collect and analyse information on issues, including air pollution and marine ecosystems, from across

Does tourism always have to be a threat to the environment? Not anymore, claim the promoters of the globally emerging industry of ecotourism. Socially responsible and ecologically sustainable tourism, which could at the same time be profitable for the com

Oil spills can cause more long term environmental damage than previously thought of

Global warming is threatening marine organisms by depleting oceans oxygen

Squeezing life out of oceanic ecosystems, communities around the world leave the waters contaminated and dirty, unable to sustain the vast array of diversity which is stifled to extinction