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The waters of the Raja Ampat islands of Indonesia may be the most species-rich sea in the world, indicates a recent survey. An international team of marine biologists, who recently examined the

A new report paints a grim picture of the world s coastal areas

Seafood is a part of the human diet and harvesting of marine species provides a source of income to millions. Products from marine species are used as food additives, animal feed, fertiliser,

A rebel sponge prefers to be a carnivore instead of filtering its food from seawater

THE pressure mounted by the traditional marine fishing community has once again prodded the government into responding, albeit in a Machiavellian manner. The Union minister for food processing

New fossils discovered in Siberia indicate that marine life evolved over much less time than thought by scientists.

EVEN THOUGH the profits are small, miners in search of a quick buck are exploiting coral reefs all over the Indian Ocean, causing immense damage to the marine ecology. The problem is particularly