The construction of a fishing jetty at Talchua near the Bhittar Kanika Sanctuary in Orissa has been stopped short by a Central directive. The decision was based on a report by a team appointed by the

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LEAVING no stone unturned to push the nuclear power project at Jaitapur in Ratnagiri district, the state government has decided to rope in Muslim clerics to convince the predominantly Muslim fishing community in the region that is opposing the project.

The fishing community in Nate and Sakhri Nate villages is apprehensive about curbs being imposed on movement of their trawlers and damage to mar

In the Konkan, thousands of families in the environmentallyrich and verdant Jaitapur area are waging a non-violent battle against the Department of Atomic Energy’s plan to construct the world’s biggest nuclear power complex in the region.

BERHAMPUR: Oil spill from a coal-laden ship at Gopalpur port on Monday night has triggered panic and environmental concern. Around nine tonnes of oil is spreading in the area. The slick has spread to Rushikulya mouth and there are apprehensions that it may enter Chilika posing danger to the marine life.

Europeans started over-exploiting freshwater fish at least 1,000 years ago, according to historical studies that could help manage depleted modern fish stocks worldwide.

Whales teemed in waters off New Zealand in the 19th century and a now almost non-existent cod stock in the Gulf of Maine totalled a huge 70,000 tonnes a year in the mid-19th century, according to historical records.

The present study has been carried out to determine the effect of temperature on behaviour, oxygen consumption, ammonia excretion and tolerance limit of the fish fingerlings of Alepes djidaba, which were collected at Kalpakkam. The fish fingerlings were placed at different temperatures, based on the thermal tolerance limit of fish and thermal outfall of the Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS).

LAUREN ALLAN-VAIL When the writer Anton Chekhov described Sakhalin as a hellish place, he could have scarcely anticipated the ravages wrought by big oil companies on

Thousands of tons of used computers and obsolete electronic equipment, which contain large amounts of hazardous waste, are being brought into Pakistan with complete disregard to the grave risks they pose to human and environmental health, Dawn has learnt. Tens of thousands of used computers and related equipment, which are difficult and expensive to dispose of in developed countries because of their hazardous nature, are annually imported under the pretext of