Thailand has dumped at least 189 old garbage trucks off its southern coast, in a bid to build an artificial reef to lure fish for local fishermen. The trucks, once used to collect refuse in Bangkok,

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has voiced concern over the environmental impact of Iran's nuclear programme. UAE foreign minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan raised the issue in Abu Dhabi

Andhra Pradesh is in choppy waters over a proposed ship breaking yard at Vodarevu

A new report paints a grim picture of the world s coastal areas

The sinking of an Italian tanker carrying 6,000 metric tonnes of toxic chemicals off France's Atlantic Coast has sent alarm bells ringing in the region. Loaded with 4,000 tonnes of styrene, a

More than half of the total African penguin population, which was on the verge of dying, were saved due to the efforts of thousands of people. The penguins of the Dassen Island and the Robben

the us department of justice has ordered a shipping company to pay compen-sation for an oil spill, which killed millions of lobsters and other wildlife of the Block Island Sound, near Rhode

Scientists in the UK claim to have developed a liquid that can replace the traditional methods of cleaning up the sea after an oil spill. Stephen Mudge, a marine scientist at the School of Ocean

An oil spill pollutes 500 km of the French coast. It takes three weeks and public pressure for the guilty company to accept responsibility

Pollutants are killing whales near Mexico