Thanks to consumerism and globalisation, today we have secluded ourselves from the mother nature. We consume our leisure while hanging out in multiplexes and theatre. Now, picnic and trekking are not often planned out by peer groups or families on holidays,' says Tasneem Balasinorwala, a member of Pune Tree and Kalpvriksh.

On the occasion of World Earth Day, which was celebrated recently, Big 92.7 FM addressed key issues concerning the environment while increasing awareness on matters of global concern such as fuel conservation, water conservation, global warming, etc In an effort to increase awareness, Big 92.7 FM held a massive signature campaign across the state. In addition a candlelight rally was held in the evening to coincide with World Earth Day, starting from Kala Academy, winding its way right down to the municipal garden in Panjim.

Planning Commission Member Kirit S Parikh today suggested the Arunachal Pradesh Government to go for storage projects in the State instead of run of river projects. For utilizing huge power potential of Arunachal Pradesh optimally, storage projects should be favoured instead of run of the river Projects, wherever possible, he commented during a high level meeting with Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu here.

The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests has constituted the State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority for Tamil Nadu.

Hundreds of millions of people live and work in forests across the world. One vital aspect of their lives, yet largely unexamined, is the challenge of protecting and enhancing the unique relationship between the health of forests and the health of people.

This is a draft edition of the "Cost of Pollution in China: Economic Estimates of Physical Damages" report, which will be presented at the international conference on Sustainable Development in Beijing, China on March 2, 2007. The purpose of this conference edition is to present the findings of the studies undertaken in China over the past about 3 years as well as to obtain relevant comments and feedback from the conference participants that could be included in the final edition of the report.

This CAG performance audit on hydropower development in Uttarakhand through private participation – expresses concern over the total neglect of environmental concerns and warns that cumulative impact of the hydel power projects may prove devastating for state.

South African tennis star Wayne Ferreira should have been defending his Naples title in the Champions series for senior players this week.