Careless Agencies Worsening Damage Instead Of Undoing It, Say Experts

Relieving trees of the concrete noose can be very tricky and requires great skill. Once the roots of a tree are covered in concrete, it’s weakened severely and use of force can topple it. Little wonder that two large peepal trees in Chittaranjan Park crashed after the corporation used heavy machinery to break this concrete.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday pledged $50 million to strengthen institutional mechanism for biodiversity conservation in the country.

New Delhi: About five times a year, the world breaks into celebrations over planet earth.

The government does. It says area under forests has been increasing for the last 13 years.

Delhi Metro's third phase will put an end to the travelling woes of lakhs of commuters, but the construction work for it will, by its own admission, kill around 11,500 trees on a 108-km stretch in

Officials counter charge of creating monocultures, depleting groundwater with wrong choice of trees,/i>

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The struggle to protect the rapidly vanishing tiger is getting murkier by the day. Up to 100,000 families are slated for displacement, ostensibly to secure India’s tiger habitats. Unfortunately, most of the relocation taking place violates the law and may end up creating more conflicts that cause the tiger’s decline.

The system of monitoring the environmental impact of projects has failed and so there is little hope for the self-certification process.

New Delhi: As tiling and concretising of the immediate area around tree roots goes unchecked in the city, the environment department has written to heads of various civic agencies, asking them to take action against this practice.