Stomach ulcers have long been associated with excess gastric acid in the stomach. But researchers at Monash University at Melbourne have identified a bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, as the culprit,

Delving into the underworld of matter, scientists are coming up with miniaturised miracles

The deficiency of vitamin A -- the cause of nictalopia, or night-blindness -- has now been linked to the transmission of the AIDS virus from pregnant women to their babies (Science, Vol 265 No 5170).

The motor neurone disease afflicts muscles but leaves the brain alone

Scientists have now been able to reason why black Americans suffer higher rates of hypertension, heart disease and stroke than their white counterparts. The new findings of Randall Tackett and his

Irving Weissman and Fang Qian of California's Stanford University have discovered a protein that mimics the adhesive action of Velcro fasteners, a trait that could help in preventing cancer cells

A STUDY carried out by a team of researchers in Belgium has found a significant relationship between renal disorders and cadmium pollution (The Lancet, Vol 343, No 8912). The study was carried out

MEN with low sperm counts should insist on organic agricultural products. A Danish study of 41 male organic farmers showed they had a significantly higher sperm count than blue-collar workers. The

A carnivorous pack of bacteria has struck terror in parts of the US and Europe. Known as group A streptococcus, the bacteria, say researchers, can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure, toxic shock

Scientists have devised a new technique to make drugs resembling proteins more effective