Donald Black, a psychiatrist at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, and Susan McElroy, psychiatrist at the University of Cincinnati, claim to have found a drug to cure compulsive shoppers of

Romantic behaviour has more to do with environmental influences than heredity, according to a study by behavioural geneticists at the University of California, Davis, US. The finding comes as a

The battle against the disease intensifies

Feeding non-infective bacteria to infants may protect them from diarrhoea, a recent study concludes (The Lancet, Vol 344, No 8929). Jose Saavedra and colleagues at the Johns Hopkins University

A protein found in almost all life forms not only offers protection against toxins but also preverits errant behaviour in other proteins

A pair of genes responsible for causing breast cancer have been nabbed

Ayurvedic formulations have been found effective in countering the stresses of living in high altitudes

Despite their growing popularity, electric shocks may not be good for epileptics. Electric shocks are known to impose order among the neurons, or nerve cells, but scientists at the

If you want to pass your exams or learn a new skill quick indulge in sleep. in 2 experiments on animals and human scientists have found the first direct evidence that memoceft are consolidated

A piece of good news for those who cannot give up smoking -- take a lot of vitamin C and you could avert heart and lung diseases caused by cigarette smoke (Nature, Vol 370, No 6489). A team of