A recent study suggests a link between genes and foul temper.

A new computer software that converts a two dimensional image into a three dimensional one is expected to radically transform medical science.

SWEDISH doctors have developed a painkilling device that can be implanted into the spine to relieve patients suffering from angina pectoris -- pain in the chest brought on by exertion and caused by

Tissue taken from aborted foetuses and implanted into the bodies of patients suffering from several incurable diseases has shown encouraging results

Scientists have hit on a gene that decides exactly where internal organs will be positioned in the body of a mouse

WANT A healthy heart? Then eat a lot of walnuts. Just 28 grams of walnuts a day would be perfect, recommends a recent study that found the nuts to be an excellent source of heart-friendly fatty

Scientists are exploring various approaches to fight the deadliest cancer afflicting US women.

AIDS victims the world over are dismayed by the discovery that taking azidothymidine as soon as HIV infection is confirmed does not delay death any further than if they took it after symptoms develop.

Scientists claim a new mode of administering drugs would strip the main AIDS drug Azidothymidine AZT of its side effects.

Though increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics is making it difficult to treat diseases such as malaria, pharmaceutical companies do not consider it profitable to invest in research for new drugs.