the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (moef) cleared a controversial mining project by the Uranium Corporation of India Limited in Meghalaya last month, triggering fresh protests by local

French multinational Lafarge's limestone quarries in Meghalaya, which supply raw material to its cement plant across the border in Bangladesh have been shut down by the government. This comes

When Sted Syiemlieh was a little boy, people in his mountain village, Tyrna, a few km from Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya, could predict when the skies would open up. "It was always at the same time,' the

Cement plants destroy India s largest cave system

No stock, nuclear energy programme in crisis

But government says full steam ahead

Two steps faltering, plan takes third step

The Union ministry of home affairs wants to know: what is the Meghalaya government going to do about the People s Budget ?

10 years ago, Down To Earth reported on the state of sacred groves in India see: Down To Earth, January 31, 1994 . Patches of forest protected

Uranium rich Meghalaya tells mining PSU