Governments clinically interpret the ban to make space for the forest bureaucracy, alienating people from their own habitats

Read between the lines: the Supreme Court order has a development model hidden for the Northeast

As the debate continues, the Northeast must stamp the decision: log out of forest bureaucracy and log in to local based prosperity

many medicinal plants species in Meghalaya and other north-eastern states are on the verge of extinction because of uncontrolled and illegal trade. This was stated in a recent report of the Trade

In a novel scheme to keep Delhi roads free of litter, the municipal corporation has decided to levy a penalty of Rs 50 on those found spitting, dumping vegetable, groundnut skins and cigarette buds

Khasis in Meghalaya help in environmental regeneration

Unscientific coal mining is threatening the pristine beauty of Meghalaya while affecting the lives of many people

Indigenous is the byword in the water harvesting techniques followed in India s northeast. In Meghalaya, an intricate network of bamboo pipes is used to irrigate betel leaf or black pepper crops in rocky areas where no channels can be built, a practice wh

The roofs of Mizoram s homes offer a solution to the state s water crisis

The biggest threat to Vietnam s bio diversity comes from deforestation. In the past 25 years, the total area of natural forests has declined at an average 350,000 hectares per year. To save its forests, the nation has evolved a two pronged strategy: the