Human population increases and development in Northeast India have reduced and fragmented wildlife habitat, which has resulted in human-wildlife conflicts. Although species such as tigers (Panthera tigris) and rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) cause conflict, elephants (Elephas maximus) have become the focal point for conflict and conservation issues.

India s pampered nuclear power programme is losing steam. Uranium stocks are almost over; people won t let the government dig new mines; all projects are running late and new technology is almost impossible to get as decommissioning reactors is the trend

What s gone wrong?

Customary institutions can lead if so empowered

The coal is one of the extensively utilized minerals in Meghalaya. Though coal deposits in the state is found all along the southern fringe of Shillong plateau, Jaintial Hills District is a major producer of coal.

Meghalaya s abundant flora is the basis of its traditional healthcare system. Now, rapid urbanisation and breakdown of the community structure are disturbing the balance. JOHN F KHARSHIING, Chairperson, Khasi School of Medicine in Shillong, talks to VIB

This report contains the proceedings of the fourth national workshop on environment statistics held on 22-23 April 2003 at Shillong. The workshop focused on harmonization of the framework for environmental accounting in India based on the system of integrated environment and economic accounting and identification of data requirement for environmental management.

Flood Studies in India brings to fore several aspects of this natural disaster that are not yet conventional wisdom in policy circles. The book looks at floods from a variety of expertise areas, such

there is no money to conduct an elephant census in Meghalaya. Faced with frequent human-pachyderm conflicts, the state forest department had planned an elephant census last month as part of its

Whenever the Supreme Court pulls the trigger, why does it miss the target? Because governments like those of the seven Northeast states work hard to defeat every good intention. The apex court imposed an interim ban on felling in forests on December 1