THE total seasonal rainfall during the year's southwest monsoon (June 1 to September 30) for the country as a whole was 99 per cent of its long-period average (LPA), which, being within plus or minus 10 per cent of the LPA, can be termed as a `normal' monsoon.

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The objectives of the Disaster Management Plan are to ensure that disaster management is organised to facilitate planning, preparedness, operational coordination and community participation.

The main aim of this Policy is establishing principles and guidelines on various aspects of Disaster Management and making the people increasingly resilient to disaster.

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Chronology of an uphill struggle in Meghalaya

The main aim of this study are: to identify, map and determine the extent of vegetation cover and its condition in the coal mined and unmined areas; to find relationship between spatial distribution of vegetation including its condition and mining; and to assess the impact of coal mining on vegetation and to provide evidence for the hypothesis that mining influences the spatial distribution, compo

Meghalaya's west Khasi hills. He shares with Centre for Science and Environment media fellow P Madhavan his experience of the charcoal trade

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The right-to-food campaign gets a fillip with the Common Minimum Programme of the new government incorporating far-reaching commitments on food security and the evolving constitutional doctrine tha