The world wants to ensure that the continuing rise in Earth’s average temperatures, as a result of global warming, doesn’t go beyond 2 degrees Celsius compared to average temperatures in pre-indust

The amendment will allow the use of ozone-saving Montreal Protocol to phase-out HFCs, a set of 19 gases in the hydroflurocarbon family that are used extensively in the air-conditioning and refriger

In a landmark step to combat climate change, about 200 nations, including India, today struck a legally-binding deal after intense negotiations to phase down climate-damaging hydrofluorocarbons tha

Climate experts and environmentalists from across the globe not only welcomed the HFCs phase down deal, reached at Kigali in Rwanda on Saturday, but also singled out India for its exemplary role of

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday reached Kigali in Rwanda where he will attend the 28th Montreal Protocol meeting on the last day on Friday.

A passionate appeal to emulate Mahatma Gandhi’s life and thoughts in the global fight against climate change marked the beginning of the ministerial segment of the Kigali meeting of the Montreal Pr

The Kigali talks will also discuss the years by which the developing and developed countries will cap HFC emissions.

Stepping up its climate action voluntarily, India on Thursday made it mandatory for manufacturing companies to control emission of the climate-damaging refrigerant through technological interventio

Environmental groups on Wednesday urged world leaders to come together for an ambitious deal to cut down heat-trapping super pollutants like hydrofluorocarbons and reaffirm their Paris commitment t

Supporting India’s proposal of advancing its baseline to 2024-26 for phasing down Hydrofluorocarbons, a leading advocacy group from the country today said the flexibility shown by India at the Conf