>> A shortage of health care workers is paralysing the health system in Southern Africa. The shortfall has imperilled the lives of millions in Lesotho, Malawi and Mozambique, particularly in rural

Mozambique plans to upgrade an existing dam construction plan to avoid repeats of the flooding from the Zambezi river which has devastated the country in recent weeks. In the first phase, it

Mozambique is facing its worst floods in six years. Sweeping waters have so far claimed about 100 lives, forcing over 60,000 to flee submerged areas in central Mozambique's Zambezi River Valley. The

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Wfp has announced to halve its food aid to Mozambique. The announcement has come ahead of the critical lean season between harvests, when food stocks generally run out. In a statement, the food

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Mozambique's poultry industry is reeling under a deluge of cheap imports. Domestic farmers are unable to compete with low-priced products from countries such as South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.

The government of Zimbabwe has

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organi

Aid workers have warned of an impending humanitarian crisis in the flood-affected areas of Mozambique. After weeks of flooding from torrential