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Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Virendra Kumar Vs State of Punjab dated 02/07/2020 regarding illegal operation of brick kilns in Fazilka and Mukatsar Districts of Punjab with the collusion of a Government Officer.

Even though the district administration is trying hard to perform its best under the Tandarust Punjab Mission, it has yet to tighten the noose around those selling adulterated food items and using

The results of the water samples tested by the health authorities in Muktsar district show that the residents here are at a risk of contracting waterborne diseases.

The province of Punjab is the main food basket of India. In recent years, many regions of Punjab are facing acute waterlogging problems and increased secondary salinity, which have negative impacts on food security of the nation. In particular, these problems are more pronounced in the Muktsar district of Punjab. The observed groundwater levels trend between 2005 and 2011 implies that groundwater levels are coming towards the land surface at the rate of 0.5 m/year in Lambi and Malout blocks.

Bathinda: The practice of farmers burning paddy stubble affects the health of nearly 85% people living in Bathinda and Muktsar districts in one form or another, a joint study conducted by a private

Twenty-one people have been tested positive for dengue in Muktsar district. Of these, 13 victims are from Malout, two each from Gidderbaha, Doda, Lambi and Alamwala.

After losses in paddy and wheat, cotton harvest goes for a toss

Despite the fact that hepatitis-C can damage liver, a majority of the people afflicted with the disease in Muktsar district are either unaware of its effects or unwilling to undergo treatment.