The comparative assessment of morphologic runoff and annual silt load from micro-watersheds can help in establishing relationships between these parameters with objectives of controlling runoff, conservation of soil, reduction of reservoir silt load and enhanced groundwater resources in the micro-watersheds.

RAJLAXMI BHONSALE: "NEARLY Rs. 100 crore has been spent on dredging the river beds."

Pune The PMC Environment Status Report (ESR) has attributed the reason for water pollution to mix of sewage water in the existing water resources in the city jurisdiction.

The civic body plans to treat 100 per cent of sewage generated in the city by 2015.

This paper outlines the integrated approach in decentralised planning, designing and execution of master plan 2025 for the treatment and disposal of sewage of Pune city.

Human-induced modifications on land and water are posing a serious threat to geo-environment in general and groundwater regime in particular along the fringe areas of most cities in the world.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has intensified its drive to clean the Mula river of the rapidly proliferating water hyacinth.

On Monday, malaria surveillance inspector Govind Satpute and his team were spotted cleaning the Mula river, which is covered hyacinth, after successfully cleaning Pashan lake.

Satpute, who has been undertaking this activity for the last eight years, said removin