Poor access to appropriate technologies due to difficult topographies and tough mountain conditions is one of the major causes of poverty, drudgery and natural resources degradation not only in the Indian Central Himalaya, but also in other parts of the Hindu-Kush Himalaya. Of late, deve-

With chlorinated water being identified as a key reason of residue problem, scientists have suggested the use of chlorine-free water for spraying in mushroom cultivation.

The Mushroom Development Foundation plans to set up seven clusters in the state with an expert panel in each of them for supervision to help mushroom cultivators boost production.

Monitoring committees have already been constituted in four of these clusters, each comprising 60 to 100 farmers, with a target of producing 5kg mushroom a day by a farmer.

Three-day mushroom farming training camp was inaugurated at Central Jail Bhopal which is being organised by Agriculture Research Centre Gwalior with the cooperation of Science Technology Council Bhopal.

- College teacher focuses on local varieties rugra and khukhri

A woman sells rugra mushrooms at Kutchery Chowk in Ranchi. File picture

Ranchi, Aug.11: The state science and technology department is considering a biotechnology professor

- Edible fungi sprouts on lightning-prone Chotanagpur plateau, swamps markets in capital, elsewhere

Ranchi, July 20: It

For effective use of agro-technologies in cultivating edible and protein-rich mushrooms, and popularising it among masses, city-based entrepreneur and proprietor of the Mushroom Development Foundation (MDF), Guwahati, Pranjal Baruah, was today felicitated by the North East Institute of Science and Technology (NEIST), Jorhat.

Shimla: Introduced as a cash crop to supplement the meagre income of farmers from small landholdings, mushroom cultivation has started suffering a decline over the past three years.

In the absence of agricultural fields, or perhaps because of that, a school in Delhi is revisiting its kitchen dustbins, newspapers and musty corners.

A large quantity of an endangered insect species used to make revitalising drug or