Ludhiana: Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), Ludhiana, honoured five progressive farmers during the two-day Kisan Mela that began on the university premises here today.

Marginal mushroom farmers from Assam, unable to sell their produce at competitive market prices, will soon have a proper business model prepared by experts from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Mushroom production is an untapped potential source of employment and income in Kerala. Janaki who has established herself as an enterprising entrepreneur in mushroom production is now a role model for several unemployed youth.

Mushroom farmers of Sonapur area are eyeing online help for fund-raising opportunities in England as well as potential market linkage in that country to boost their cluster farming system.

PARADIP: They survive on wild mushrooms and saag. With the vegetables out of reach, the poor people in remote areas of Jagatsinghpur district have found a means to quench their hunger in the inedible forest produce.

In a bid to make mushroom cultivation more profitable for the farmers, the Mushroom Development Foundation along with the State Horticulture Department has decided to provide them with seeds and training to grow milky mushroom.

Cultivation of milky mushroom is ideal as well as profitable in summer as it grows up in a temperature of 30 to 40 degree centigrade.

Increasing urban production of perishable foods can increase diversity in the food system, adding new products, producers, techniques and systems that will resist different threats and meet different needs. As Australia continues to struggle with water scarcity and increasing climate extremes, food production in and around its cities can contribute to healthy and resilient communities.

Resilience is a dynamic process. City resilience refers to the ability of a city to adapt or adjust to changing situations or recover from economic, social or ecological disturbances. The current high rate of urbanisation in China creates many such disturbances. Urban agriculture plays a role in enhancing the resilience of China

GANGTOK (Morena), May 24: Three children died of food poisoning in MPs Morena district while four children of a family died in North Sikkim after consuming wild mushrooms after having wild mushroom in North Sikkim, as a family reunion in a household four days ago.