Scientists at the United States department of agriculture are conducting studies on the biology and the ecology of mushrooms to provide a better understanding to manage resources efficiently.

A new variety of edible mushroom, Pleurotus djamor beodijin , has been raised from the waste of an oil palm bunch using polybags and paddy

In a recent breakthrough, an Indian mushroom has been found to be extremely effective in controlling heavy metal pollution

Scientists have said they had identified the toxin in a species of mushroom that killed seven people in Japan in recent years.

In an article published in Nature Chemical Biology on Monday, the researchers said they isolated the poisonous compound in the mushroom, Russula subnigricans, and confirmed its toxicity by feeding it to mice.

Popular demand: Mr. George Thomas of Kozhikode seen harvesting the mushrooms.

Nature has bestowed Kashmir with extraordinary climatic conditions and forest cover, apt for different mushroom varieties including gucchi Morchella , an exotic species of the mushroom family. Many describe it as the cuisine of the royal

a bombay Natural History Society scientist has discovered a rare species of fungus at Mumbai's Sanjay Gandhi National Park located at Borivili. Throughout the world, there is only one specimen of

For the cultivation of the popular button mushrooms, many different types of composts have been used. However, experiments with six types in a completely randomised design at the Horticultural

Indian farmers are busy harvesting the booming demand for mushrooms. The problem is that it is a delicacy that is rather fastidious about its growing requirements