India's ugliest dam builder is undoubtedly the state-owned National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC). While the company is currently angling to acquire new capital, its operations at home and abroad have left a trail of ruined livelihoods and misery in its wake.


Disregarding ecological and livelihood concerns, the Parbati hydroelectric project in Himachal Pradesh is moving forward. Experts warn that diverting water from the Parbati and its tributaries for

Saturday, July 7. It's day 18 of an indefinite hunger strike by tribespeople of Sikkim's Lepcha community and there's no end in sight. Protests against the imminent influx of a series of dams on

on september 22, 2006, the Arunachal Pradesh government signed three mou s with central power undertakings for the development of upto 15,000 mw hydroelectric projects. The projects represent

A full-page advertisement on September 20 announced a ceasefire of sorts between Arunachal Pradesh and the Union government. The state government will sign memoranda of understanding (mou) with big

Rules neglected to enable inauguration by PM

As focus on hydroelectric power is restored, nhpc braces itself to unleash its full potential as the nodal hydel body in the country

• QUID PRO QUO: As a part of a swap deal, the Pennsylvania-based PPL Corp has decided to sell three of its nine hydroelectric dams in Maine, USA, to an umbrella group of government agencies and

15 Nov 2011

It was half past four in the evening when we reached Garbadhar. It took us about 4 hours and two flat tyres along the Kali river from Dharachulha to get there. The Border Roads Organization remained inactive that day as it was a Sunday. Otherwise, as we were told and as it was while we returned, workers were blasting the sides of these large, rocky mountains to lay good motorable roads and connect these far flung tiny hamlets to the rest of the maddening crowd.

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