A STUDY conducted by the World Wild Fund of Nature (WWF) has claimed that Norwegians, who pride themselves on their green attitude, are the most environmentally-destructive people on Earth. The study

SCIENTISTS will soon launch a study on polar bears to determine how chemical pollutants are affecting their health. Researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) in Tromsoe, have planned to

polar bear cubs have been found with severe deformities in the Norwegian Arctic territory. Pollution levels are known to be high in this region. Researchers have found some of the bears with

Submerged floating tunnels could soon be used for transport across deep water channels in Europe

Saltwater power, the energy that is generated when river water converges with seawater, is being

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), is being considered as an effective alternative to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In Trondheim, Norway, buses filled with LNG will soon undergo test trials. Compared to

A new lighting control equipment based on daylight sensors is being tested in eight experimental offices in Trondheim, Norway, by the Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute. One of the two

Norway and Iceland have locked horns over the latter's right to fish in the Barents Sea

Ecological damage at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics has been minimised

British environment minister John Gummer is smarting from being called a shitbag by his Norwegian counterpart.