The Norwegian government has stopped funding World Bank's Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), says World Development Movement (WDM), a UK-based group. Norway's move comes close

The Supreme Court has restrained the dismantling of the Norwegian ship, Blue Lady. The ship containing 1,250 tonnes of asbestos docked in July this year at Alang port, Gujarat. The court has

The Norwegian government and the oil company Statoil have reached an agreement to establish the world's largest facility to capture and store co2 emissions. During its recent budget announcement,

british and Norwegian oil companies have announced plans to bury carbon dioxide under the bed of the North Sea. Though they claim they are trying to inhibit climate change, the actual purpose is

global warming can lead to more cases of plague, warns a recent study. Warmer springs and more moist summers may create conditions for Yersina pestis

Norway recently hit back at a group of 12 nations led by the uk, which insisted the Scandinavian country put an end to whale hunts. Norway broke the global moratorium on commercial whaling in

Carbon sequestration plan in North Sea

Norwegian ship with asbestos refused entry into Bangladesh

The Lancet Norway When Camilla Stoltenberg, a director of epidemiology at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo decided to use her Christmas holidays to update herself on the latest

• The European Union has banned imports of untreated feathers from countries close to or neighbouring Turkey, where cases of avian flu have been recently reported. The countries affected by the ban are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq and Syria.