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an unusual problem is plaguing the Norwegian rivers. Wild salmon returning to native habitats for spawning face an unexpected threat: salmon escapees that are either bred in fish farms or raised

NORWEGIAN hunters have just been given a bonanza - they have been bestowed the right by the wildlife authorities to kill more lynx (wild cats) than ever before. Citing the need for keeping

IN A damning revelation, Bellona, the Norwegian environmental group, has disclosed that dozens of Russian nuclear ftiel containers carrying a large amount of radioactive matter which had

Norway's young eco cletectives are the youngest environmentalists anywhere, and have an octopus as their club mascot

A GIANT question mark casts a shadow over Norway's whale census, Recent revelations in a confidential document from the Norwegian Computing Centre and the University of Oslo disclose errors

THE US has let Norway off the hook. US President Bill Clinton informed Congress, in the first week of October, that he does not intend to impose trade sanctions against Norway for violating an

The Japanese are furious that the moratorium on commercial whaling has been extended. They and the Norwegians say they will continue to harpoon minke whales for "research".

THE NORWEGIAN embassy in Washington is being flooded with letters protesting Oslo's decision to resume commercial whaling in June and scientific whaling in April (See Down To Earth, July 31, 1992).