Norway's Bastoy Island prison has become the world's first

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A doomsday vault is being built in the Arctic. Scientists expect the project will safeguard crop diversity in the event of a global catastrophe. Located on the remote Svalbard Island, roughly

Russia recently imposed a ban on salmon imports from Norway from January 1, 2006. Moscow cited dangerously high levels of lead and cadmium in the fish and inadequate Norwegian monitoring system, as

Norway and Sweden have jointly set up a us $3.6-million fund to focus on environment-related efforts, which would help alleviate poverty. Over the next three years, this amount will be utilised to

It took just five votes to shake the very edifice of the International Whaling Commission IWC . Voting 25 20 in favour of setting up a controversial committee, the North dominated anti whaling faction drastically altered the IWC mandate from that of sc

Overzealous conservationists block progress at CITES meet
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Marine species likely to top CITES meet agenda

norway's plan to increase coal mining from Arctic Svalbard has invited the ire of environmentalists. The greens say that coal is the most polluting source of power and can wreak havoc on the

WHO s acceptance of wrong information has resulted in the death of numerous children