The Norwegian government has given whale hunters permission to kill 1,052 Minke whales in 2006, up from a record-high of 796 last year, despite an international moratorium against it. This follows a

Thanks to an alert sounded by activists, the Indian authorities could take timely action to prevent dumping of toxic waste. Pressure group Greenpeace had raised an alarm about the Norwegian ship

Baby bottles are often made of polycarbonate plastic. Impurities remaining in the bottle from the monomer bisphenol A can migrate from the plastic bottles into baby food, thereby causing a health concern. Previous migration testing of new baby bottles showed only trace migration levels of the substance. In the present work, polycarbonate baby bottles were subjected to simulated use by dishwashing, boiling and brushing. Migration testing performed with both new and used bottles revealed a significant increase in migration of bisphenol A due to use.

Good news for trout lovers, especially Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. A mysterious viral disease that left thousands of trout dead in the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh has been identified

Norway revokes a carbon sequestration study permit

Sweden blows hot and cold on Iceland s reinduction into whaling panel

Accountability issue set to take centrestage at the upcoming CoP 8
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It was an experiment that sought to clear the air, but by jeopardising marine life. No wonder it encountered severe turbulence in the form of protests by global environmental groups, and had to be

the government will soon open for trading the right to emit harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (co2). The scheme is expected to be launched in 2005. The main reason for introducing a

After an 11-year break, Japan intends to import whale meat again. Although the plan has been flayed by environmentalists, Japan has said that it would also expand its research whaling programme.