Environmentalists and conservationists are raising serious objections about the Madhya Pradesh government giving full support to global diamond giant Rio Tinto

A Buffer zone for the famous Panna Tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh has hit a roadblock with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan saying he is not in favour of it, observing one cannot "destroy" Panna and just let the tigers "survive."

"Humans are more valuable than tigers. One cannot destroy Panna and let just tigers survive. What will we do after creating such a buffer zone?

Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country where farmers will be given relief on crop failure.

While the search for the two missing cubs in Panna reserve continues, the forest authorities on Tuesday claimed that they have managed to track down the tigress that had gone missing for the last few days.

Pumps will be made available for irrigation to the beneficiaries of Kapildhara wells. For this objective, camps will be organised in the districts covered under Bundelkhand package.

Panna: Tiger, the national animal of the country, is being poached regularly in almost all reserves and authorities are sitting idle, eating up the the funds meant for the animal's welfare, said a tiger conservationist.

Addressing a news conference here at Panna this afternoon, Shehla Masood said the tigers are being killed by the poachers and nobody is stopping them.

Even States that claim to have impressive economic growth report severe under-nutrition and high infant mortality, particularly among their tribal populations.

At an anganwadi centre in Satna district in Madhya Pradesh.


Panna district's Midhasan river will get a lease of life with a revival campaign starting tomorrow as part of initiatives for reviving dying rivers in Madhya Pradesh.

Panna: Wildlife in Panna Tiger Reserve is falling victim to not just poachers but also speeding vehicles.

''Between January 9 and March 10, vehicles knocked down two nilgai, four sambar, a boar, two hyenas, six jackals, a rabbit, a fox, two langoors and a chital with the maximum fatalities in Mandla area,'' Reserve Director R Sriniwas Murthy told reporters.

The Madhya Pradesh government remained in denial mode for years about the declining number of tigers in Panna till the wild cat went locally extinct, but its new Forest Minister has brought some hope for the beleaguered Park with his plain speak.